Cinematographic Industry Forum

The 4th edition of the Annaba Mediterranean Film Festival witnesses the organization of the Film Industry Forum on April 29, 2024, under the theme “Challenges… Projects… Future.” The forum hosts 150 participants, including producers, festival directors, ministry representatives, banking associations, and legal experts.

Participants from 10 countries – Algeria, Italy, Egypt, Tunisia, Malta, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Canada, Croatia, and Iran – present their contributions during the day. The forum discusses various topics divided into two sessions. In the morning session, participants address the Algerian Cinema Law of 2024 and the prospects of the film industry. Representatives from the Ministry of Finance, the Algerian Cinema Development Center, and the Banking Association discuss financing mechanisms and financial support for cinema. Additionally, the session covers festival-related topics ranging from screenings and competitions to support and financing. This segment is enriched by speakers from the Alexandria Film Festival, the Red Sea Film Festival, the Rome Film Festival, and the Annaba Film Festival. Participants also delve into the subject of cinema in the era of platforms and screens, featuring a representative from Shahid platform, among others from Turkey and Canada.

In the afternoon session, experts discuss topics related to joint film production in the Mediterranean basin, featuring Ahmed BEDJAOUI, Deniz Konya, Dijana Cetina Mladenovic, and Valerie Bohagiar. Additionally, there’s a segment on supporting short narrative films and emerging experiments, and finally, the discussion turns to international awards and distribution effects, with participation from Algerian director Ahmed Rachdi and distributors from Tunisia, Egypt, and Algeria.

The forum concludes with the issuance of recommendations based on the contributions and discussions held throughout the event.