A Land of One's Own

Production Year: 2022

Film Duration: 74 minutes

Directed by: Leïla Saadna

Country: France

“Vierzon Chronicles” delves into the lives of women in a declining French town, drawing parallels to the director’s Algerian relatives.
Warda, Feyrouz, Radhia, Kadiatou, and Najiba, from Algeria, Guinea, and Syria, narrate their stories of resilience and daily struggles, crafting a new home with remnants of the past.

Director’s Biography:
Leïla Saadna, a documentary filmmaker and visual artist, navigates the themes of exile and resistance.
Operating between Algeria and France, her poignant works illuminate the challenges faced by migrants, especially women, in African and diasporic contexts.
Notable pieces include “A Land of One’s Own,” “In Our Hands,” “Tell Me Djamila, If I Die, How Will You Cope?,” “Behind the Sea,” and “Beirut, Autumn 2005.”