Cinema and politics

Production Year: 2023

Film Duration: 70 minutes

Directed by: Georgios Keramidiotis

Country: Greece

“Century Shift” reflects on the transition from the analog 20th century to the digital 21st century, exploring how cinema and art responded to the contrasting political landscapes.
Notable absences from Godard and Straub’s cinema are acknowledged, and the narrative incorporates discussions on German philosopher Joseph Vogl’s insights into literature, culture, and media.

Director’s Biography:
Georgios Keramidiotis, Paris University 8 alum, showcased his cinematography prowess with “Promitheus” (1987), “Earth and People” (1999), “Guards of Cemetery” (2002), “Moses and Eleonora” (2005), “What is the Meaning of Life – Badiou” (2008), “Thinking in the Age of Monster – Slavoi Zizek” (2012), “Where I Was, Where Am I, Where Am I Going” (2016), and “From Terror to Resistance” (2019), spanning fiction, documentary, and philosophical exploration.