Production Year: 2023

Film Duration: 82 minutes

Directed by: Yaseen Ahmed Mohamed

Country: Libya

‘’Ghasouf’’ unveils the enchanting tale of Ghadames, a UNESCO-listed ancient city in Libya.
Known for its maze-like charm, unique architecture, and open rooftops allowing women freedom, the film delves into Ghadames’ origin, architectural wonders, women’s roles, leather industries, and the captivating stories of its houses.

Director’s Biography:
Yaseen Ahmed Mohamed, a photojournalist and civil society activist, holds a degree in journalism, communication, and public relations.
His multifaceted roles include working for civil society organizations, serving as a photographer and news correspondent for Libya Panorama channel and AP Laichitpress news agency.
Moreover, he manages the media office at Ghadames General Hospital and contributes to cultural, media, and heritage initiatives as a member of the Treinca Association.