Production Year: 2023

Film Duration: 89 minutes

Directed by: Firat Ozeler

Country: Turkey

A young woman, inspired by Ömer Kavur’s films, embarks on a journey to ease her restlessness.
Through an imaginary dialogue with Kavur, she explores abandoned towns and delves into archival material, finding insights into solitude, truth, and the essence of cinema.
Kavur’s creative struggles become a source of understanding for her.

Director’s Biography:
Firat Ozeler, a writer and director (born 1995 in Turkey), studied cinema at Kadir Has University in Istanbul.
His first short film, “The Banquet,” was showcased at the Sarajevo Film Festival in 2019.
His experimental short film, “Things I Don’t Remember,” has been featured in various international venues.
He is a co-founder of the production company Luna.