Mia San Mia (Her choice is life)

Production Year: 2023

Film Duration: 52 minutes

Directed by: Sabahet Dzafica

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the face of a state turning its back, the courageous and devoted mother Renata Mijadzic (42 years old) decides to take responsibility and fight for her daughter Mia’s life. Mia, diagnosed with 100% disability, faces an uncertain future as her parents confront daily challenges, portraying their courage and unwavering outlook on life amid financial problems, isolation, and constant concern for their child’s health.

Director’s Biography:
Sabahet Džafica, born 1986, is a dedicated director and founder of “Konektija Studio.” With a decade of teaching experience, he excelled in the master’s program in “Audiovisual Arts” at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade.
His acclaimed documentary “Mia San Mia” highlights his authentic storytelling, showcasing a promising future in the industry.