Sarura (The future is an unknown place)

Production Year: 2022

Film Duration: 22 minutes

Directed by: Nicola Zambelli

Country: Italy

On the outskirts of the Negev Desert, a group of Palestinian youth fights against Israeli occupation. “Youth of Resilience” strives to reclaim the land stolen from their families by rebuilding the ancient village of Sarura.
They confront aggression through covert actions, defend themselves against guns with their cameras, resist despair and death with hope and life.

Director’s Biography:
Italian director Nicola Zambelli, acclaimed for his documentary expertise, holds degrees in Philosophy and Documentary.
Co-founder of SMK Factory and OpenDDB platform, he excels in directing, photography, and camera work.
Awarded at international festivals, his latest work, “Sarura – the future is an unknown place,” gained recognition at prestigious events like the Human Rights Festival FIFDH in Geneva and Milan Festival “Visions from the World” Industry days in 2020.