Zinet, Algeria, Happiness

Production Year: 2023

Film Duration: 57 minutes

Country: Algeria

Directed by: Mohammed Latreche

For the French, he’s the Arab cinema of the seventies; for Algerians, he’s the creator of a seminal film. Mohamed Zainat, the freedom fighter, actor, and director, led a life full of emotions and events along the shores of the Mediterranean. This documentary sheds light on his distinctive artistic work.

Director’s Biography:
Mohammed Latreche was born in 1973 in Sidi Bel Abbès, western Algeria. He directed a short narrative film in 2003 titled “Rumors, etc.”, a long documentary film “Following the Trails of Emir Abdelkader” in 2005, and a short narrative film “Help in Returning” in 2009. Additionally, he directed the documentary film “Algerian Muslim Students Union” in 2013 and “Boujema and the Cinema House” in 2019.

Technical and Artistic Information:
Director: Mohammed Latreche
Executive Producer: Boualem Ziani
Cinematography: Yanis Kheloufi
Sound Recording: Abdelaziz Latreche
Editing: Anne-Marie Lidouk / Philippe Ramos
Sound Mixing: Philippe Grivel
Color Grading: Pierre Soudre