Production Year: 2023

Film Duration: 87 minutes

Directed by: Valerie Buhagiar

Country: Malta

The film is partly inspired by the real-life experiences of the director’s aunt, named Rita, who spent her life working as a caregiver for her brother, a Roman Catholic priest.
However, as she approaches the age of fifty, Rita, who has lived a celibate life, finds herself yearning for freedom and begins to explore her desires and goals in life.

Director’s Biography:
Valerie Buhagiar is a Maltese-Canadian actress, film director, and television presenter, born on May 12, 1963.
She studied acting at George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario, graduating in 1986.
Her first directorial appearance was in the film ” The Passion of Rita Camilleri,” which won the Silver Award at the 1993 Chicago Film Festival.

Cast: Natascha McElhone, Steven Love, Paul Mescal.