Production Year: 2024

Film Duration: 90 minutes

Directed by: Abdelnour Zahzah

Directed by: Algeria

In 1953, Dr. Frantz Fanon transforms Blida’s psychiatric clinic, challenging colonial racist practices.
He introduces group discussions, empowers nursing staff, establishes patient newspaper, café, football field, and aids the mosque renovation.
His covert support for Algerian resistance grows.

Director’s Biography:
Born in 1973, Blida, Algeria, this filmmaker chaired Cinematheque Blida, produced through Atlas Film, earning acclaim for films like “Frantz Fanon: A Memory in Exile” (2002) and “El Wad El Wad” (2013).
His recent work, “Pierre Clement, Cinema and Revolution” in 2024, solidifies his impactful cinema contributions.

Cast: Alexandre Desane, Gérard Dubois, Nicolas Dromard, Omar Boulakirba, Amel Kateb.