Hotel Pula

Production Year: 2023

Film Duration: 95 minutes

Directed by: Andreja Korovljeva

Country: Croatia

The year is 1995. Mahir (38 ) is a refugee from Bosnia and has been living in the Croatian city of Pula for several years in a hotel converted into a refugee shelter.
His days are monotonous and empty, his past is unknown. One warm night at the beginning of summer, Mahir will see Una, a young local girl, on the beach near the hotel.
That sudden meeting will spark hope. Until Mahir’s past catches up.

Director’s Biography:
Andreja Korovljeva is a Croatian director born in 1970 in Pula.
He studied mechanical engineering in Zagreb before moving to London to study film photography.
He returned to Croatia in 1995 and began his professional career as a director. Korovljeva has directed numerous short films, documentaries, television programs, and videos, earning several awards both domestically and internationally for his work.
He is a member of the Croatian Film Directors’ Guild.

Cast: Ermin Bravo and Nika Grebelja.