One of Us

Production Year: 2022

Film Duration: 107 minutes

Directed by: Ergys Meta

Country: Albania

“Sula,” a seasoned soldier returning from Kosovo, reenters the Albanian police force, grappling with psychological scars from the war.
Burdened by anger and fatigue, his journey unfolds, exposing the aftermath of war and his attempt to rebuild amidst explosive challenges.

Director’s Biography:
Ergys Meta, born in 1985 in Shkodër, is a prominent Albanian filmmaker and author, symbolizing the modern revival of Albanian cinema.
A key figure in the New Wave, he studied film criticism at the University of Bologna.
Meta directed acclaimed works like “Dog Killers,” “Hands in the Pocket,” and “One of Us,” earning multiple cinematic awards.

Cast: Alban Ukaj, Kasem Hoxha, Alfred Trebicka, Sebina Matlija.