Production Year: 2023

Film Duration: 103 minutes

Directed by: Baran Gündüzalp

Country: Turkey

In the bustling city of Istanbul, Salih and Aisha struggle to sustain their lives with their mute son.
Facing unemployment, they explore a new opportunity – motorcycle taxi driving. Aisha, posing as Salih, unveils a hidden world until their motorcycle, Rosinante, is stolen.

Director’s Biography:
Baran Gündüzalp, an Anadolu University Faculty of Communication graduate (2004), excels in advertising, graphic design, photography, and short films.
Celebrated for his creative prowess, he clinched top honors at prestigious festivals such as the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival and Ankara Film Festival.
His distinctive storytelling and visual finesse position him as a standout director in the Turkish film industry.

Cast: Nilay Erdonmez, Fatih Sonmez, Can Demir.