Minus One (-1)

Production Year: 2023

Film Duration: 30 minutes

Directed by: Hamza Choutri

Country: Algeria

Saber Ghraib’s name is removed from the scholarship beneficiary list to study in Germany, where he was previously at the top.
Determined to reach there, he decides to build a sophisticated machine to transport him.
However, a miscalculation in the logarithmic equation sends him in the opposite direction, finding himself alone in a barren desert with only his suitcase.
Facing imminent death, the machine, due to its pre-programming, sends him back home.
Saber discovers the error and corrects it, then decides to leave again. Will he succeed this time?

Director’s Biography:
Hamza Choutri (born December 18, 1984) is an Algerian screenwriter and filmmaker.
He began his professional career in 2008 as a graphic designer and post-production supervisor.
He also worked as an assistant director before becoming a specialized director in advertising.
He had the opportunity to work with prominent Algerian filmmakers in editing, image processing, and color correction for their films, experiences that greatly influenced his career.
This led him to venture into writing and directing his first short film, “Minus One”. (-1)