Sokrania 59

Production Year: 2023

Film Duration: 21 minutes

Directed by: Abdallah Al Khatib

Country: Palestine

In Germany, Aisha and her husband Jamal, along with their son Samir, Syrian refugees, find themselves residing in public institutions.
One day, Maria and Sofia, a mother and daughter who fled the war in Ukraine, arrive.
The two families are forced to live together despite differences in their lifestyles and the experiences they went through in exile.

Director’s Biography:
Abdullah Al-Khatib, a Palestinian Syrian director from the Yarmouk camp, Damascus, gained acclaim for his documentary “Little Palestine, Diaries of the Siege.”
He studied sociology in Damascus, earning accolades like the Green Peace Award (2014) and the Birgitta Swedish Human Rights Award (2016). Currently pursuing studies in Germany.