Master Class

Four Cinematic Figures Share Their Experiences.

The Annaba Mediterranean Film Festival, in its fourth edition, provides a platform for four cinematic figures to share their experiences, each according to their specialization, within a master class. Renowned musician and composer Safy Boutella leads discussions on film music, drawing from his extensive experience. Algerian Sami Lamouti discusses his expertise in cinema special effects, also known as visual effects. French director Mayween delves into the process of directing actors, its importance, and its secrets. Italian producer Daniele Ortuolo, within his specialization, discusses the production process of a film.

Safy Boutella, an Algerian musician and composer born on January 6, 1950, has collaborated with singers such as Cheb Khaled in 1988 and released an album titled “Koutchi.” Born in Béziers, France, he grew up in a family that valued classical music, and from a young age, he had the opportunity to travel and explore the world.
He pursued his secondary and music studies between Algeria (1966) and Paris (1969) before receiving a scholarship from the Algerian Ministry of Higher Education to study at the “Berklee College of Music” in Boston, USA. He was the first Arab musician to join this prestigious institution at the age of nineteen.

Samy Lamouti is a digital artist, 3D innovator, founder of the Canadian company Sam&Sam, an international framework and visual effects creator in Hollywood. Born in Bab El Oued, Algiers, he currently resides in Montreal, Canada, and serves as the artistic director at Neweb Labs. He describes his journey in the arts, mentioning his passion for football, video games, manga, and cinema during his youth in Algiers. After studying at the National Institute of Fine Arts and Industries (INSIAG) in Algiers, he ventured into graphic design, particularly with video projection devices. His professional journey led him to Japan and eventually settled in Montreal, renowned for its expertise in 3D animation and software design.

As for Mayween, her full name is Maïwenn Aurélia Nedjma Lou Bisco, she is an Algerian-French director, screenwriter, actress, singer, and producer, born on April 17, 1976, in Le Lamentin, Martinique. Growing up in a family of actors, she appeared on screen at the age of five, initially using her family name and then just her first name from 1991. She began her directing career by shooting an autobiographical film in 2006 titled “Forgive Me,”
which achieved unexpected success along with her film “Polisse” in 2011, placing her among the top French female directors of her generation.

Some of her notable works include “The Fifth Element” (1997), “High Tension” (2003), “Polisse” (2011), and “Jean du Barry” (2023), directed and starring alongside Johnny Depp. She has received numerous awards, including the Cannes Jury Prize in 2011, in addition to César nominations and the French Order of Arts and Letters.

Italian producer Daniele Ortuolo, 37, holds a degree in Negotiation Legal Sciences from the University of Luigi in Rome. He is a film producer, owner of La Fiera production company, president of the Catania Film Festival, artistic director of the Vara Film Festival, and many other festival events. His latest production is “Thank You Lena,” a short documentary dedicated to director Lena Vertmuller, directed by Yari Gugliucci.