Larbi Ben M'hidi

Production Year: 2018, First Screening 2024

Film Duration: 115 minutes

Directed by: Bachir Derrais

Country: Algeria

“Larbi Ben M’hidi” recounts the legendary tale of Algerian revolutionary leader Larbi Ben M’hidi, revered for his wisdom and fearless leadership during the struggle for independence.
His brief yet heroic life struck fear into the hearts of French authorities, embodying the spirit of resistance. Despite facing brutal interrogations, Ben M’hidi remained resolute, refusing to betray his cause or comrades. Through his unwavering courage, he inspired a generation to stand up against colonial oppression, leaving behind a profound legacy of bravery and sacrifice.

Director’s Biography:
Bachir Derrais is an Algerian director, producer, screenwriter, and actor.
After studying literature at the University of Tizi Ouzou, he pursued a career in cinema.
He directed his first short film “Al-Rahil” in 1984, and in 1991, he directed his first feature film “Al-Shams Al-Mughtala,” which won the FIPRESCI Prize at the Locarno International Film Festival.
Among his notable films are “Asharat Milayin Santiim” in 2006, “Maurituri” in 2007, and “Ayam Al-Ramad” in 2013, which won the Best Screenplay award at the Namur International Francophone Film Festival.