The Closing Film

Two Days

Country: Syria

Director: Bassel Al-Khatib

Production Year: 2023

Film Duration: 91 minutes

Ghaith and his only daughter Salma live in a remote village until one day two strange children, Nagham and Sabah, arrive, claiming that Ghaith is their grandfather who abandoned them. They start spreading rumors believed by the simple villagers. Only Ghaith and Salma know the truth but hide it to find out about the children’s family and return them safely.
Meanwhile, the villagers live on rumors carrying hopes and dreams of an expected breakthrough in their lives, and during the two days spent by the children, exciting events unfold in the village.

Director’s Biography:
Bassel Al-Khatib is a Syrian filmmaker, writer, and producer, born on May 6, 1962, in the Netherlands. He is the dean of the Higher Institute of Cinema in Damascus and has received several awards at Arab and international film and television festivals.
He graduated from the Faculty of Cinematography and Television Directing at the Cinema Institute in Moscow in 1987 and has been working in film and television directing and production since 1990.

Cast: Duraid Lahham, Osama El-Romny, Rana Shamis, Mohsen Ghazi, Yahya Bayazi, Hazem Zedan, Najat Mokhtar, Wael Zeidan, Shahd Al-Zalq, Jad Debbagh, Reham Ghassan, and Noor Al-Wazir.