Jeanne du Barry

Production Year: 2023

Film Duration: 116 minutes

Directed by: Maiwenne

Country: France

Jeanne Vaubernier, an ambitious and socially aspiring commoner, eager to climb the social ladder, uses her charms to escape her condition.
Her lover, Count du Barry, who becomes rich thanks to Jeanne’s lucrative affairs, wishes to present her to the King.
He arranges the meeting through the influential Duke de Richelieu.
It exceeds expectations: between Louis XV and Jeanne, it’s love at first sight.

The film “Jeanne de Barry” belongs to the historical drama genre, presenting a story set in the royal court before the French Revolution.
It follows the rise of a woman from the lower class to become an integral member of the court, capturing the attention and love of the king with her intelligence amidst the complexities of royal family dynamics and unending laws.

Director’s Biography:
Maiwenne is a French actress, writer, and director of Algerian and Vietnamese descent, born on April 17, 1976, in France.
Some of her notable works include “Léon: The Professional,” “High Tension,” “Pardonnez-moi,” and “Polisse.”