Mar Mama (Mother's Pain)

Production Year: 2023

Film Duration: 15 minutes

Directed by: Majdi El-Omari

Haunted by her mother’s death and the repeated attacks of the Israeli forces on her city, a young girl becomes obsessed with death. Her father attempts to divert her attention by creating a stop-motion animated film, but his efforts fail, and the young girl finds nothing but her imagination to escape from reality.

Director’s Biography:
Majdi El-Omari is a Palestinian-Canadian director and screenwriter. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with a specialization in Cinematic Directing from the Cinema Institute in Cairo, Egypt, and a Master’s degree in Cinematic Production from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

El-Omari’s works focus on the struggles of people in a world that marginalizes them, with an emphasis on their alienation and their desire to communicate and seek comfort when facing political or social forces. Several of his short films have been selected in various international festivals.